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Hallo Fans,

bitte um Hilfe. Ich brauche die Abmessungen vom Uhrenturm des TRIXBERG Bahnhofs, um diese zu vollständigenieren.

.Grüße Andy


I'm sorry Andy,

My German writing skills are poor, so I replay in English.
I haven't got any details about the TRIXBERG station clock.
However, there are some posts (in Dutch) about this station, you might want to drop the author of that post a small message.
Good luck with your quest.


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Hello GND ,
thank you for your reponse . Is there a link to these Dutch posts about this station? - It might be helpful.

Regards Andy


Hi Andy,

For me it is no problem to read German, my writing is so poor, I never know when to use "der, die, des, den, das u.z.w."

So at first I have to say: "Mea Culpa".
You spoke about TrixBerg and I was thinking about TrixStadt, as at page Station TrixStadt.
So I have been searching in the Dutch Trix Express Magazines, there was an article in 2014, issue #3, but no measurements of the clock, although there were some nice pictures included. The same applied for 2018, issue #3.

Sorry, it does not give an answer, but I'm hoping that some other readers are having an "aha moment" and find some more info when they see the attached scans.


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